The big day is coming up!

Our premier event is taking place this Wednesday, Jan. 31, at The Bindery in San Francisco. (On Haight Street right across from The Booksmith, thisclose to all your favorite pizza parlors and dispensaries.)

I am incredibly proud of our lineup and I hope that you will join us! You can pre-purchase tickets here or at the door.

Hope to see you there!

Happy Sunday!

A few thoughts on what we’re looking for at On the Cusp:

  • Above and beyond, good writing. It can take just about any form if it’s honest-to-Jebus good stuff.
  • Candor. Don’t snow us. We’ll know it.
  • Don’t forget this is meant to be read aloud. Writing for a live audience is different than your usual animal. Read your stuff to yourself, to your booty call, to your cat, and see their reaction. If the cat yawns, you’re good.
  • Trust Kurt Vonnegut.

Your thoughts?