Go Maw!

Check it out! Maw Shein Win, who will be reading at the next On the Cusp, is number two on the City Lights hotlist with her book Invisible Gifts. Couldn’t be prouder to know this lady!

Maw - City Lights


Happy Sunday!

A few thoughts on what we’re looking for at On the Cusp:

  • Above and beyond, good writing. It can take just about any form if it’s honest-to-Jebus good stuff.
  • Candor. Don’t snow us. We’ll know it.
  • Don’t forget this is meant to be read aloud. Writing for a live audience is different than your usual animal. Read your stuff to yourself, to your booty call, to your cat, and see their reaction. If the cat yawns, you’re good.
  • Trust Kurt Vonnegut.

Your thoughts?